What Good Friends Are For

I love road trips ever since I took my first one in college. A friend asked me recently what some of the best places were that I saw and like any good friend I promptly produced a list.

In truth the list was made long ago just waiting for a moment like this one.

Since she was from KC I it only makes sense that she would want to explore this neck of the woods. It is affordable, close, and diverse. A personal preference for quick excursions is:

  • NOLA: I didn’t see this mentioned, but New Orleans, Louisiana may be of interest to you. They have a some of the best food in the country. NOLA is known for the creole/cajun style food, but you can also find some pretty awesome BBQ places… For the girls, there is PLENTY of nightlife and shopping around the city is also very unique. Not any theme parks though, however there is a Casino… There is really no other city in America like New Orleans.
  • Tennessee, as suggested by others. Memphis and Nashville are a few hours apart, but between the two, you will find some of the best BBQ in the country. As for nightlife/clubs/drinking, you should be able to find some places in both of those cities. I don’t know about any extraordinary shopping, but I’m sure there are some nice malls… Also, if you like the outdoors, consider going further east (almost into North Carolina) to the Great Smoky Mountains. There is some great hiking and camping.

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