Today In Makeup #4

Let’s talk lip liners. Spice by Milani is the holy grail of lip liners for me. It goes with basically any nude color. It is also the smoothest, creamiest and least likely to ball up out of all the lip liners I’ve tried so far and it is such a great color for an assortment of lipsticks.

Another favorite is Red Hot by NYX. I’m a big time fan of a bold red lip and it’s the best drugstore liner for exactly that.

I find the Pro Longwear liners are a bit of a hit and miss product – you either love them or you hate them. They’re brilliantly long wearing, as the name promises, however for me the waxiness of them (which is what makes them so long wearing) is pretty heavy feeling and noticeably uncomfortable on my lips.

In contrast I haven’t had much luck with Barry M or Rimmels Red. I find it really hard and drags painfully on the lips.

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