Are You Looking For A Good Place To Eat Out

You could consider and option in the Power & Light District. I’d imagine if you like sports as well that you could enjoy: No Other Pub, McFadden’s, or Johnny’s. You may get mostly beer drinkers however, which I’m assuming is not your desire as a bartender… But maybe I’m wrong. Mosaic could be okay to… Continue reading Are You Looking For A Good Place To Eat Out

More On Little Cutesy

With small dogs, people have a habit and not just with small dogs, they treat them like dolls or toys. In reality, they are just dogs in small packages. Protecting them from the world and not letting them feel from social situations and grow mentally/emotionally/socially, they develop behavioral problems very quickly. Some things can be… Continue reading More On Little Cutesy

The Amateur Plant/Gardening Enthusiast

Oh, if you haven’t been to Bird’s it is something different (in a good way). I just went and it was nice. But FYI is quite difficult to find the entrance, but your perseverance will be rewarded. Primarily as a society of sales (went to this past year KCCSS sale and spent too much money,… Continue reading The Amateur Plant/Gardening Enthusiast

Kansas City

You’re going to visit Kansas City? Then you might want to try taking I-70 East then turn on Highway 13 and head North. I enjoy a pop-in at the early daily Maid-Rite drive-in for a healthy and fortifying snack. 😉 I have to try the Rib-Rite whenever I am there. If you want to poke… Continue reading Kansas City

A Trip To The Gateway

I always get a chuckle out of the Gateway Geyser. It is the largest fountain in the world. Takes about 10 minutes at noon, 3 and 6, during the summer, in the Park across from the arc. The fountain is quite impressive, and has a 3 story elevated viewing platform bow and STL skyline. It… Continue reading A Trip To The Gateway