Nautical Wedding How Can This Be Formal

We got the wedding invitations in the mail a couple of weeks ago. And yes, we have RSVP’d for the celebration next year. And while the text clearly states “formal” it also gives on to the fun that is in store for the guests. Don’t they all? The print is a little bit preppy and it looks like a lot of nautical wedding invitations that I have seen lately which doesn’t come as a surprise since the theme is really in right now.

The problem comes in the formal category. My boyfriend doesn’t want to be the one that came dressed like a captain nor does he want to be the pirate. All joking aside he was brought up so that you wore a nice suite to the wedding. It shouldn’t be black unless you disapproved of the wedding and in this case that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’ve both been friends with the bride and groom since college, though contact has been sporadic since they moved to greener pastures. In this case Massachusetts. Her father lives there and she wanted to be close to him and the rest of the family. The wedding will be on Cape Cod which leads us to be mindful of the formal aspect of the wedding.

I envision yacht clubs, country clubs and all around glamor, which would be the most likely the case right.

Well, the topic went back and forth for an embarrassingly long time before I just picked up the phone and called the bride.

Problem solved!

The reason that the debate went on longer than it should have was because my BF isn’t really the formal type. He is more the rugged strong outdoors type that loves getting his hands dirty. Which is what attracts me to him. But I also love a chance to break out my Louboutins and get dressed up. It looks like we’ll both get a little of that, it looks like my Louboutins stay in the closet for now, but it should be fun.

I love weddings.

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