Nautical Wedding How Can This Be Formal

We got the wedding invitations in the mail a couple of weeks ago. And yes, we have RSVP’d for the celebration next year. And while the text clearly states “formal” it also gives on to the fun that is in store for the guests. Don’t they all? The print is a little bit preppy and… Continue reading Nautical Wedding How Can This Be Formal

The Amateur Plant/Gardening Enthusiast

Oh, if you haven’t been to Bird’s it is something different (in a good way). I just went and it was nice. But FYI is quite difficult to find the entrance, but your perseverance will be rewarded. Primarily as a society of sales (went to this past year KCCSS sale and spent too much money,… Continue reading The Amateur Plant/Gardening Enthusiast

A Trip To The Gateway

I always get a chuckle out of the Gateway Geyser. It is the largest fountain in the world. Takes about 10 minutes at noon, 3 and 6, during the summer, in the Park across from the arc. The fountain is quite impressive, and has a 3 story elevated viewing platform bow and STL skyline. It… Continue reading A Trip To The Gateway