Apartments With Dog Friendly Policies

If you are looking for an apartment I feel your pain. As a dog owner searching apartments that are dog friendly can be as hard as hitting it lucky in the lotto.

The one I have right now, my lease says that my dog is allowed, but all other tenants have a no-pet policy. Which makes it a little bit of a stressful situation for us.

I will probably end up moving soon. For at least two months now, the lady next door is being aggressive and telling me that she is scared of dogs… I would be sympathetic and acknowledge her if:

  • A) I had something more ferocious than a pug
  • B) Her friend didn’t have a big Shepard and come and visit her all the time.
  • And yet she’s scared of a goofy looking pug. Anyways.

    I plan to look around for a new place but finding one that fits, isn’t a dump, and doesn’t charge a lot of rent is a challenge and I can feel your pain.

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